The Carmichael Farm Camps are unique opportunities to learn from Ricky Carmichael and his mom, Jeannie, at Ricky’s personal track. The Farm camp curriculum is based on Ricky’s riding program and gives riders a chance to learn tips, techniques, and drills straight from the pages of the Carmichael training logs.


All camps are week long camps:

Monday - Afternoon move in - warm up and free ride

Tuesday - 9 - 4pm On Track Instruction

Wednesday - 9 - 4pm On Track Instruction 

Thursday - 9 - 4pm Training Day

Friday - 9 - 4pm On Track instruction and Free Ride end of the day

Daily instruction Consists of (Tuesday - Friday):

- Riders Meeting
- Section practice, 4 sections on the track broken into groups by age and ability level

9:00 - Morning Section 1
- Morning Section 2

12:30 - Lunch (Provided)
- Q/A time with Ricky and Jeannie to get into any specifics you feel you need more discussion on

2:00 Ricky and his mom will break down the track and give specific instruction on the different aspects of the track with primary focus on all types of corners.

- Afternoon Section 1
- Afternoon Section 2

4:00 Wrap-up! 

Ricky and Jeannie will be available for questions at the end of the day


Day 2 will follow the same schedule as Day 1 but the sections will be more focused on teaching the drills necessary to accomplish your goals. Ricky and Jeannie will provide you the tools necessary to take home a specific training program that will suit your needs regardless of your current level of competition.

Training Day

Our trainer will teach riders the important aspects of training off the track, including; Strength, Cardio, Hydration, Nutrition. Thanks to our official bicycle sponsor Trek, we have a full compliment of Mountain bikes and trainers to help show you the basics when it comes to organizing your off the track training program. If you are a more serious rider they can help tailor make you program that helps you reach your goals. 

Day 3 - Back on track

The camp really moves into the specifics of the drills and putting together all of the pieces including working on the whole track.

In the afternoon 'Starts' will be the focus with emphasis on each specific detail that goes into a proper starting technique. We will open the track for a free ride session to put all of the pieces together at the end of the day.

  • On site camping is available and included in the cost of camp
  • Parents and mechanics are encouraged to attend so they can learn the drills as well

For registration and information email: 


Upcoming Camp Registration : https://redbudmx.com/july-14-15-rcu/